Visual identity for the final season of hit FX series The Strain, in collaboration with MATERIA and Onesize.
After creating the teaser promo for cult US show American Horror Story 6, Onesize was the logical choice to take part in – and subsequently win – the design pitch on FX-series The Strain’s fourth and final season, directed by the critically-acclaimed Guillermo del Toro.
„Inspired by the series’ storyline – in which a vampire virus infects the human race – our team chose the theme of blood to visually recreate the nightmarish world of The Strain. 
Inspiration was found in surreal paintings and graphic novel-style artwork, combining objects and liquids. The search for the perfect footage of moving fluids brought us to MATERIA alias Susi Sie and Remo Gambacciani, whom we approached to collaborate on shooting live action footage of fluids.“ (Onesize)
Delivered were:
Generic Backgrounds, Graphic ID’s, Logo ID’s, Countdown ID’s, Endpage Sequences, Interstitials, Original Opens
Analog Visual Artist, Live-Action Footage, DoP: Susi Sie, Remo Gambacciani
Materia / /
Susi Sie / /
Remo Gambacciani / /
President, Multi-Platform Marketing: Stephanie Gibbons
EVP, Multi-Platform Marketing: John Varvi
SVP, Motion & Digital Design: Steve Viola
SVP, Content & Editorial: Carol Weiler
VP, Motion Design: Albert Romero
VP, Production, Motion Design: Dara Barton
VP, Content & Editorial: Paul Harris
Art Director, Motion Design: Andre Carbonari
Post production: Onesize 
Executive producer: Pepijn Padberg
Creative / director: Kasper Verweij
Art Director : Chris Coopmans 
Design & Animation: 
Rogier Hendriks 
Chris Coopmans
Harm van Zon
Johannes Mattson
Eric Groeneveld
Jeff Beukema