TITLE DESIGN: MATERIA / materia.tv / instagram.com/materia.studio / facebook.com/materia.tv / 
SCORE / SOUND DESIGN: ECHOLAB /echolab.tv /instagram.com/echolab/ / facebook.com/EcholabAudio

Ever-changing landscapes inspired by organic textures and surfaces.
 Surreal worlds created by processing live action scenes with CG techniques.

To create morphing textures we captured slowly spreading color on even surfaces.
All scenes were filmed with a RED Weapon and a macro lens in 8K. The analog source sequences were further taken as a base for generating the 3d structures by displacing and shading geometry inside 3d software.

The score was composed by Gavin Little from ECHOLAB. 
Inspired by seismic and earth shifting movements, he created geological seeming sounds.
By burying contact microphones underground in soil and recording vibrations, he captured breathtaking, natural sounds of shifting earth and grinding rocks.
For the score he used a hybrid of organic and digital sounds, a musical progression that matched the swell of the movements from texture to texture.

Produced for the Toca Me Design Conference 2018
toca-me.com / instagram.com/toca_me_munich / facebook.com/tocame